I hit a car in the parking lot here at work today. I was pulling into a space, and I guess I mis-judged the distance between me and the car. It was a tight space. I just scraped their tire with my bumper. In the way of being a good person, I left them a note. In the way of covering my ass, I did not tell them where the car was hit but only to check for damage and if they find any, to give me a call. The car I hit was older and had several dings pre-existing…I didn’t want to get blamed for an issue that wasn’t my fault, so I figure I will not say where it was hit, and if they see something that they immediately know is mine and it’s in the right area, I’ll take responsibility for that and go through the whole insurance process. As for me, the corner of my front bumper has obvious scrape marks in the paint. It probably just needs a touch-up paint job…no denting or real damage. But, this is one of those things that just adds stress to a day that was already going to be a long day.