Chicago area internship

So, we need a summer intern at my office and we’re short on candidates. If anyone in my readership knows of a junior/senior high school student or undergrad college student in the greater Chicago or Milwaukee areas interested in interning for 4-6 weeks, let me know. I can provide details about the work involved via e-mail. While the actual work will be a little mundane, it’ll look excellent on a resume for a prospective engineer or business grad.

Note: I’m limiting it to undergrad based on that the pay level probably won’t be comparable to what a grad student could get elsewhere…grad students are still welcome to toss their hat into the mix so long as they understand the pay may cap out at like $10-12 per hour (no idea what they’re paying interns these days, but that’s what I made when I interned here).

(Oh, and if you saw my private post about me personally looking to hire someone, it’s the same work. My company is now funding it instead of me.)