So, I just called David’s Alterations dept re: the unhemmable wedding dress. To no one’s surprise, it is in fact hemmable, and it’s the standard charge to hem it. It is taken off at the bottom…they detach the satin/embroidery, hem, and then replace the edge.

There is still the matter of the train being a yard or so too long, but…that is one issue. Now, at least, I have two gowns that are in the running…that one and the first love. By the way, I am testing out Flickr using wedding dress shopping. Although I have my own domain and can host a bunch of images, I have not yet gotten a gallery script running that I was happy with. Also, Flickr seems to be wildly cool right now among the geekly, so I’m just joining the lemming herd. You can view my wedding dress galleries at this link.