Car Talk

It was a dead battery, although I couldn’t figure out what killed it…I didn’t leave anything on. So, we called my roadside assist to get them to try to charge it when we finally got home. Scott was nervous about doing it ourselves, plus our cables wouldn’t reach without some considerable car re-arrangement, and we couldn’t do that without pushing my car, which worried me b/c our driveway slopes and once car rolls, it is hard to stop…I told him my parents would “tsk, tsk” me for having to call roadside assistance just to get a jump…but it turned out to be a good thing, as the battery would not charge from the guy’s battery charger thingie. He had to hook me up to the tow truck to get enough power into the battery. So, had we done it, we might have killed Scott’s battery in the process.

Anyways, TowGuy told us we had to keep it running for awhile, and we needed dinner, so we drove it over to our favorite fajita place (which is finally open again, yay!) and had dinner. It’s about 10-15 minutes away with traffic lights. When we came out, dead battery. So, we sat in the car and waited for roadside assist again. At this point, it was drizzly-rainy, so I was worried to ask someone to do it…and I figured just in case it was super-dead, then the tow truck is there to take us to the dealership (which is very close to the fajita place).

But TowGuy2 got us going again (after about an hour of waiting for him…it’s now pretty late at night), and he told us to let it run for a good 30 mins or so. So, we went home, got it in the garage, left the garage door cracked, and let the car run while we went downstairs and watched TV. After TV, I came back up to check on the car, and it wasn’t running. I’m like, crap…so I go to turn the key, and it’s dead again. So, not only did the battery not hold the charge, it didn’t get re-charged or whatever.

This morning, TowGuy3 (same company as initial TowGuy) took the Sentra to the dealership. One of the battery cells had gone bad. Everything else is fine. But, that was the issue. My warranty on the battery is a pro-rated replacement, so labor was covered, and the battery was discounted…the battery plus oil change plus fixing the brake and tail light that I’ve had out for more than a month now came out to $80 total. Not bad…I asked them to do everything because well…it’s been needing it for a month and I haven’t had time to go get it done! I need my car too much! šŸ™‚

Note: This was originally a reply to a comment on the last post, but it was so long it needed to be a post in its own right. šŸ™‚