So, I’m stuck at work, still, because Scott is still at work, and I am hitching a ride with him today. My car would not start this morning, for no discernible reason.

One item of note: Every single Nissan Sentra I have owned (and believe me, I post this in part because I’ve found almost nothing about it on the internet although every dealer seems to know about it) has had this weird glitch wherein if the fuel is low (around 1/4 tank) and you drive it for a very short period of time (like backing it into the driveway) and then leave it overnight, you will sometimes (and not reliably) not be able to start in the morning. The fix is to jam the gas while cranking the ignition, which is a theoretical no-no but supposedly “resets the fuel injection detection in the computer” or some BS like that. The dealers have explained this with a number of different reasons, but they all give the same solutions…which leads me to believe it is a mechanical glitch in Nissan Sentras that Nissan doesn’t own up to.

That having been said, the usual solution did not apply. Am now thinking it might be battery, due to having looked up the “clicking” sound I’m hearing when I crank which is not typically a symptom of the above described error. :: sigh :: It better be a dead battery. This Nissan has given me more trouble than any other car I’ve driven to date, which sucks because it was my very first “all me” car purchase. I’d love to trade it in, but I think it’ll be awhile before I’m not upside down. I could make a large payment on it to fix that, but that seems silly if my purpose is to sell it…I might do just as well just selling and rolling it into a new car loan. I don’t know. It’s a good car except for the broken glove compartment, the various interior flaws that have had to be fixed, the electrical issue with the heated seats, the unreliable trunk switch, and the above issue that has plagued Nissans.

BTW, I think part of why this issue is hard to find on the ‘net is the number of weird reasons the dealers give for it…makes it hard to google. I’ve experienced several since I’ve lived in different places and gone to a bunch of different dealers asking about this, but my guess is that most people hear their explanation, take it for true, and wander off happy.