The Latest in Kitty Integration

While dress shopping this past weekend, Lori offered me the use of her three baby-gates, which she used for kitty-blocking purposes in her condo, which is sadly now kitty-free. So, now, we have two gates on the basement doorway that allow Choo-choo to look out but not chase Maggie, and one gate at the top of the stairs, such that we can basically force Maggie to stay on the 1st floor with us when we’re home…and hopefully inspire curiosity and trust in that she is safe even though she can hear and occasionally see Choo-choo.

Choo-choo is still not as happy as he would be wandering around but he’s not as unhappy as he seemed to be with the door closed. And, after the crazy chasing, we have to keep them separated. The baby gates seem great though in that it will allow them to view each other without being able to cause damage or feel as if they could be damaged.