Wedding Dress Shopping!

Below are pictures from my wedding dress shopping yesterday. Sadly, the place that had the best dresses for me (David’s) was also the place that was most picky about pictures and had a really tiny dressing room, so there’s only a few pictures from there, and only the one that I really really liked. You can view pictures of me all fancy in here. Below is in an index of the photos and explanations:

  • BS = BrideSmart, HOB=House of Brides, DB/Davids = David’s Bridal
  • Numbers differentiate dresses (i.e., dress 1, dress 2, etc.). Letters differentiate shots of the same dress.
  • BS Dress 1 – Maggie Sottero. This one is SUPER heavy, and it’s really difficult to put on…just a ton of little things you have to do. It has a lace up back and a sash that has to be tied into the back…really pretty in many ways, but a pain in the ass to wear. Price – $680
  • BS Dress 2 – Pearl Collection. Really beautiful dress, but the train is much longer than I wanted. Price – $840
  • BS Dress 3 – Jacquelin Bridal. This was my favorite of the group, but it’s also so simple for the price that I’d be silly to buy this one as opposed to a number of similar ones elsewhere. Price $940.
  • HOB Dress 1 – Alfred Angelo. House of Brides had ONE dress that I could try on. That’s right…ONE! The saleswoman wanted me to try on size 10’s. I was like, I could hold up a printout of the dress to my body and get that effect. I didn’t like their staff at all, either…very snotty. This was HOB in Schaumburg, btw…probably a great place if you’re skinny and don’t mind looking through the racks on your own, but not at all useful otherwise. So, the only good part about trying this one on was that it was fun, and that they had a huge dressing room. It had lilac flowers on it, but they were just appliqued on…again, I was shocked at how terrible the craftsmanship was on some of these super-expensive designer gowns. Price – $649.
  • Davids Dress – DB Woman. This is their soon-to-be hugely popular style, I think…mostly because they’re going to make it available in like eight colors and it has the currently adored corset back. This is style 9E8052 if you want to look up a big picture on the David’s website. The reason I’m getting the “ass shelf effect” (as I like to call it) in the back is that the sample they had for me to try on was too big…I actually wear my normal dress size in that dress because of the corset-style back…so anyways, because it was too big, they couldn’t get it to lace up tight, so the corset placket part was sitting like an inch away from my skin. Anyways, they also only had the champagne color, but I really like the red. I held up the red color to my skin and it looked good. The pictures you see of this one have the red color veil and necklace so that you can see the tone of red, and the champagne. Really, I think what I would love to do is get a veil with the red edge like this, use red roses, red accessories (which go great with my red glasses), get/make a satin ribbon and sew the two ribbons together, use them both in the back in an alternating lace pattern kinda…have both running down the back…and get the champagne color…but I don’t know if I’m crazy to do that. 🙂 What do you think? Oh yeah, and Price = $449. Oh, one more thing about this one…the alterations lady seemed to claim this was the “hardest” to hem. I call bullshit on that. Why? I inspected the sucker. That extra fabric around the bottom is basically attached to a net liner underskirt which is attached part-way up the dress skirt. All you have to do is detach that liner, hem the dress to a few inches above the correct length and then re-attach the liner. I mean, it’s not *simple* but it’s not ridiculously difficult, I would think….certainly not more difficult than taking up a dress at the waist, which is my only option on several of the other styles I liked.
  • And by the way…Lori, who will be my one and only female attendant (title TBD), ROCKED. She took all of these pictures, and she did it sneakily (she’d cough as the camera went off to cover the noise)…and she took a ton of notes for me about all the dresses, the price, whether or not I’d need to buy a crinoline, etc. etc…

    The other thing that was awesome was David’s in Vernon Hills…the people helping me were great, gave me lots of tips…and they were the only store that gave me a longline bra to use while trying on the dresses. (I had worn a strapless bra from home.) Most stores provided a crinoline, but they were the only one that basically made sure I had on shoes, a bra, and crinoline so I could get “the full effect.” I know part of that is so they can sell the stuff, but it was still awesome and made the experience much better overall than the other stores.