Wedding Fluff

Tuesday night was a WFZ (Wedding Free Zone). WFZs are needed for my sanity (yep, my idea, not Scott’s) because unfortunately, it seems I’ve gotten addicted to reading the wedding boards and comms. I can’t wait until the next bit of wedding-related drama erupts on Wedding Vents & Frustrations, and I love seeing all the ideas that people have and share on weddingplans. So, just as I used to take a break here and there when I’d get too wound up in the boards I used to read, now I have my WFZs.

The latest wedding development is that we’re going to have both a piano and a violin, and I think my bridal march is going to be Hedwig’s Theme. I still really like Dodi Li though, so if we can figure out some way to use both, we will. Also, we pretty much have the bridal party set…Scott is still waffling a little (I think) on his side. Part of his problem is that his person has to plan a bachelor party. I’m not so much worried about a bachelorette party (although I might try to set up a bachelorette spa morning or something), and Andrew will do something cool, I’m sure…there was just never much question to me as to that he was going to be my Man of Honor. It’s harder when you have a sibling and as big of an assortment of long-time friends as Scott has. I’ve barely managed to keep up with my high school friends…Ainsley is the only one I still talk to occasionally. College is a little bigger for me, but even there, we may exchange cards or occasionally say hi to each other, but we’re not so chatty…except Andrew, previously mentioned. Most of my friends are now-friends..and I think it makes it easier that way. Rob & Lori are going to stand up with us (Lori on my side, Rob on Scott’s), which is awesome. Rob’s been like one of my favorite people in Chicago for a long time…pretty much since I moved here…and Lori is an old friend that I just haven’t known very long yet. And we get together to game with both of them pretty often. They were present for the Great Union Pacific Quarrel. 🙂 heh.

I’m going dress-looking this Saturday, starting with David’s at 10am followed by Bride Smart at 3:15pm…which is not the same as the Bride Smart at (Alfred Angelo), I think. I think it’s just a similar name, as this store is not listed on the website. So far, my favorite from David’s is E8052 and my favorite in general is this one, although I’m not sure how the sweetheart neckline would look on me. I’m really strongly leaning toward just getting a dressmaker to make it for me. Once I buy a gown and have it altered, I’ll have spent alot…and if it’s made for me, there’s no alterations…so it comes out to be pretty much the same.

The current dilemma is what to wear as far as undergarments for Saturday…well, I mean, something I don’t mind people seeing, clearly…that will not be the day for a g-string! But, the question is whether to just go strapless bra, wear some kind of body-shaper (I have a few at home), go pick up a new bustier (I need a new one anyways)…I’m now leaning against the corset idea for a couple of reasons…1) widely reported that they do more boob-squish than boob-lift and a bustier would be better, 2) what slimming it accomplishes is often offset by the width it adds in steel, per many brides on various boards, and it’s sometimes tough to make sure it doesn’t show through the dress at all. The corset isn’t eliminated altogether…but it’s got dings against it now.