More tales of kitty integration

Tonight is Scott’s casino night, so I’m hanging out here alone. I watched some sitcoms while I had WAY too much to eat for dinner, and then I put in L.A. Confidential (the latest from Netflix).

This past weekend, we had made some good kitty integration progress, but we’re still needing to keep Choo-Choo in the basement when we’re not home in order to make sure that Maggie goes downstairs to the litter and food/water. Otherwise, it seems like she won’t go downstairs and will spend all her time hiding in one of her three spots upstairs (yes, she now has three). We were even thinking about getting another litter box to keep upstairs just to avoid accidents. There haven’t been any accidents yet (that we’ve found), but if nothing else, Maggie *is* getting older, and even without Choo-choo, her having an alternate place might not be a bad thing. Actually, there has been a bit of an accident. We took Maggie to the vet on Saturday to get her shots. She was very good the whole time, but right afterward, she peed in her carrier. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize this until after I had it on my lap in the car. (Eew.) It’s now been washed (and so have my pants, which were soaked almost as bad as if *I* had had an accident). Now, granted, Maggie didn’t know she was going to the Vet for an hour or so…maybe she just hadn’t been to the litter in awhile…but I’ve taken her to the Vet every year since I’ve had her, and that’s never happened….which made me think that she might be too shell-shocked to go downstairs and as such, she was holding it until she felt “safe.”

Anyways, we left them alone, with all doors in the house open (including our bedroom) on Friday night…and we woke up to kitty-fighting in our bed on Saturday morning. We eventually made the peace by putting Choo-choo in a laundry basket and having him sit there on the bed, while Maggie sat on her end of the bed, but we decided that for awhile longer, we’d have to keep them separate when we weren’t home (we had been letting them roam freely). So, Choo-Choo spent Saturday night and most of Sunday in the basement (meowing pitifully the whole time). We bought him a ball spinny scratcher thing like Maggie’s, since he seems to love hers…and put that in the basement with him, and I put a fuzzy blanket in his bed loosely so that he could curl up under it if he was cold. But, he was kept separate for awhile. On Sunday night, we went down into the basement to watch TV, and we left the door cracked so Maggie could come down if she wanted. Since we were down there, Choo-choo was happy to hang out with us in the basement. Maggie never came down, but I checked the litter and it was clear she had used it at some point, which was a good thing.

Choo-choo stayed in the basement all night and most of the day again, so when I got home this evening, I called out so that Maggie would know I was home. She didn’t come out, so I figured she was sleeping. I let Choo-choo out and he checked out the 1st floor happily. He looked out all the windows and then wandered off.

Around 9pm, Maggie came down and sat with me. I hugged her and petted her, surprised to see her actually. But she was walking around like she was all alone…like she used to. She looked out all the windows (strangely, in the same order Choo-choo had), and used the litter box. Then, she ate some food and sat on the kitchen counter looking at me while I read websites. Well, this went on for awhile…and I actually got worried about Choo-choo! I mean, Maggie’s acting all normal…and I haven’t seen Choo-choo in awhile. I began to worry that they’d had a run-in that I didn’t hear over the TV or something…so I went off to look for Choo-choo. Upstairs, basement, all bedrooms…all closets…no Choo-choo. Well, then I got really worried, even though I was almost sure he was fine. I went down for a second check of the basement, and on my way back up, I heard kitty-fighting. I was almost happy. šŸ™‚ I said “Well, someone found someone!” and I went in the direction of the noise, only to see Choo-choo skitter out of the pink bedroom and Maggie hissing from between the roll-away bed and the daybed (her spot #2). I talked re-assuringly to Maggie for awhile, shooing Choo-choo out a few times as he came back in curious as to what was going on, tail in full question mark pose. Then, I left Maggie alone and took Choo-choo downstairs with me, checking him over in the process for injuries…no marks on him, which was an even better thing. So now, he’s downstairs with me and Maggie is hiding out again.

Choo-choo isn’t content to sit still tonight though. He’s constantly on the move. He goes upstairs and then back down again quickly…and no hissing, so I know he’s not actually going into Maggie’s space…he’s just checking it out. Then, he goes to the basement. Then back here, circles around the first floor. He sat with me for awhile, but he got anxious. He’s currently literally trying to climb the walls, like he hears something in the ceiling. He’s playful though…he must still be pretty young. I haven’t looked through the stuff Ursula left to find his age, but he seems like he can’t be more than 5 from the way he plays. Simple toys still amuse him. šŸ™‚ Maggie got bored with the “easy” stuff long ago. šŸ™‚