I know Hitchhiker did well this past weekend, but I don’t see it lasting…probably a quick drop-off. The movie was good, but it wasn’t accessible to people who hadn’t read the book, I think. And many parts of it seemed dumbed-down, but in the wrong way…plus, I agree with some other folks that the Earth shots toward the end felt like filler.

Still, I think they got the casting down pretty well. Ford, in particular…well, they cast Andrew. If you’ve ever wondered about what he’s like, he’s Ford in the movie. Totally. They cast Andrew. I think they sent the actor to his house to learn from him, even…the only difference was the accent. It’s like, if Andrew were Ford, that’s what he’d be like. 🙂 That was cool to me, because I always pictured him as Andrew anyways. Not sure why, except that Andrew was who got me into the Douglas Adams books…but there ya go.

I *loved* the sperm whale. And the yarn. Hee.