Wanted: Girly Assistance

Would anyone (in the Chicago-ish area) be willing to join me in Vernon Hills on the 7th of May at or around 10amCDT for wedding dress shopping? I have an appointment with David’s Bridal that day. The plan is to not buy anything, but just to try on everything that they have and get more ideas of what I like and don’t like. As such, I need a person who will not be in the process of having dresses thrown over their head to take notes to the effect of “design 8008, like bodice, like design, dislike buttons in back, train too long, cost=$699” and possibly to covertly snap photos with the cellphone camera I will be toting.

Will reward this person with food at Vernon Hills area restaurant of choice as well as adoration and other such stuff. Ideal candidate is not necessarily female, but needs to have some level of knowledge about fashiony stuff such that (s)he knows what to write down when I make a comment and can occasionally provide a valid second opinion.

Note: Some of you may be thinking, isn’t this what the bridal party is for? Well, most of my bridal party is from out-of-town. Both moms are out-of-towners, too. Had one person in mind, but she is busy that day, and it’s the only free time I’ve got coming up for awhile…and I really really want to get this out of the way.