Passed Over

We spent this past weekend in Detroit for Passover. We did not indulge in a Bag o’ Plagues for Sam. Good thing, too…he ended up leaving (with his parents) early Saturday morning because he was coughing and sick. Result: Both of us are sick today.

I did, however, get to participate in a real live seder. I’d been to Detroit for Passover before, but we hadn’t actually read through the seder. I also got congratulated a bunch, as this was the first time that Scott’s family had seen me since we got engaged. I had a really good time with everyone, too, just in general. We saw pictures of the latest addition to the family, and we congratulated the newest mom-to-be. It also snowed. That’s right: it snowed. In April, almost May. Not just a little snow either…big huge gotta-shovel snow.

I spent Monday flying to/from NJ for work for a meeting. It was more fun than the trip normally is because I was with other people on the plane…more friendly. But, by the time I was driving home, I was feeling a little under the weather. I thought it was just lack of sleep, but now I think it was the cold getting ready to settle in. I’ve gotten 2 work calls while I’ve been home. It’s okay, because I’m being pretty lazy. We’ve played Bridge online twice and we stayed in bed for awhile, too.