New Experience

I went to the salon this evening, as a way to amuse and pamper myself on Scott’s casino night. I had a hair appointment with my stylist anyways, so I just extended that out. I decided to get my usual mani/pedi and also try something new: leg waxing!

The whole purpose of this waxing experiment was that I wanted to see how bad it was to determine if I could handle a Brazilian at some point. And the verdict is that it’s not that bad, but I still can’t imagine subjecting myself to that in the holiest of holy me-regions. That’s a place made for happy-stuff, not ouchy-stuff! But…for legs…not bad at all. Totally unnecessary for me most of the time though. The person even had to use a really bright light to be able to see the hair to know that she hadn’t missed any. My leg hair only gets dark around my ankles. I had saved up a 3-month (or more) winter growth for this, too, and it still just wasn’t all that much. But…given that…I’m thinking I may be able to go all summer without shaving after having a wax job! 😉