We started the day with bridge (which I will not capitalize based on the advice of all you lovely people 🙂 ). We’re doing this informal knockout tournament, but it’s an open event so we don’t anticipate doing well. Our team is called “Actuaries and the Women Who Love Them”, because our team is 3 actuaries and 3 actuaries’ girlfriends/wives. 🙂 We came close in the first round, but we got our asses handed to us in the second round. It was fun though. We went to this bridge center up in a Milwaukee suburb area, and I got to pet a cat while playing, which makes everything better. The owner also had a ton of board games laying around, but we didn’t get a chance to play them.

Since we were in Milwaukee, the plan was to drop Scott off at the Pot so he could get his poker fix in…and I proceeded to the outlet malls that line I-94 between Chicago and Milwaukee. I really wanted to get some summer work clothes that fit, as I’m once again wearing clothes that are about 2-3 sizes too big. I got measured for a bra (thinking my size has probably changed and wanting to know by how much, as I just dropped my band size down one size as an estimate), but the measurement was really off, so that was useless to me. I wear a 42 band size comfortably all the time, so it makes no sense to me that my actual band size is supposed to be 46. My old bras were 44’s, and they only stay on at this point without bunching if I shrink them in the wash and put them on the tightest setting. As for the part where I’m like an A and a half cup, well, yeah, I knew that. I have tiny boobs. It sucks. I want a boob job, but it will have to wait until I’m older and not so likely to change shape or begin drooping after getting it done. Scott offered to get me engagement boobs, but then, it would create a scene when I tried to show people what he got me. 🙂

I ended up buying some tuppercups at the tupperware store, some poker party serving dishes (half price) and a cosmo/martini shaker strainer thingie (to go with my newly found low-carb cosmo mix), and some halter tops and cami tops at the Gap. The cami tops I could wear to work under a jacket or sheer shirt. I also bought 2 pairs of shoes at the naturalizer store for $35 total (!!!). They’re nice shoes for wearing with skirts. They both look really cool on me, and they were super-cheap.

When I got home, I saw that the final version of the save the date card had arrived, which means the first batch of guests probably got theirs yesterday, too. The wedding website got its first guest registrant. Squee!! 🙂 It came out SO pretty. I love it. Still to do: calling Rabbis. I’m nervous about this part, so I keep putting it off. I’ve also been attacked with wedding-related stress nightmares lately, which sucks because the stuff that stresses me out in the nightmare is stuff I don’t care about IRL…which I guess is why I am dreaming about it. Or the other way around. Whatever.

So, then I spent the rest of the evening working. I had put off some work from Friday so that I could spend the time with Scott since I knew he’d be gone until late on Saturday. He actually got back kinda early, because his ride got tired early. I showed him the postcard, and he had restrained Squee (as much as his manliness allows) over it. He’s currently fetching addresses for me for the last and final batch, after which we will work on rallye and then go pick up our foster cat.

I have not talked about the foster cat, have I? Well, here’s the thing. We have a friend who is moving overseas. To take a cat with you overseas, the cat must be quarantined for a period of time. Quarantine sucks for all involved, and it’s really expensive. Fortunately, since the US has good relations with this other country, they have a deal where you can just have a vet periodically observe the cat over six months, submit paperwork, etc. and then the cat is approved to travel. Our friend started this process with her vet about seven months before her move. She found out four months in that the vet had not filed the paperwork he was supposed to file (he claims it got lost in the mail), so now, it’s three months before her move and her cat has to stay here for another 3 months of observation. That’s where we come in. We will be taking care of the cat for three months and then taking him to the airport so he can fly over to his real family. We’re foster cat parents. 🙂 For those who are curious, Maggie is apprehensive but excited about the foster kitty’s move-in today. 🙂