Just an update, now with added rambling!

This has been a tough week for me at work. I won’t go into details, mainly because I can’t. Still, it’s just been rough. It’s not that it’s been particularly busy (although it has been busy). We’ve just had some challenges this week. I’m really getting into my job though. I do miss all of the people I used to work with, but I don’t miss my work. I’m much happier with what I do now, and it’s hard to imagine until you’ve had that kind of change, but it makes a huge difference to me to be working on something that I will eventually be able to point out to a friend when it’s on a commercial. To be able to say, see that? I worked on that. It was a bitch, but we got it done. Yay for us. It’s very important that the background things that the average consumer doesn’t understand work well…don’t get me wrong. For me, it’s a plus. YMMV. The other thing I like is that I get to see and play with this cool stuff that isn’t out yet and is highly confidential. The sad part is that I mourn when it gets canned, because it is cool, and it pains me that some people couldn’t see that.

Scott & I played Bridge (bridge? capitalized or not?) this past weekend in an open swiss event. I’m in a phase now where Bridge is much cooler to me than Poker (that’s another one…it’s not a brand name…but it is the name of a game…I capitalize Settlers…sheesh, I don’t know). I go through phases of obsession. Some of you may remember a post where I said one of the coolest things about Scott is that I feel like he’ll enjoy all of my phases, even if he isn’t as obsessed with them as I might be. The obsession right now is Bridge. I still play Poker (now, see, I’m far more inclined to make poker lower-case…why is that?), but it’s more for fun and less for profit. I think there may be a work-related reason for this. In my old job, I’d be mentally tired at the end of the day. Zoning out on a game that required very little mental effort but a ton of emotional effort was good for me, and that was poker. Bridge, by comparison, (ha! I sneakily cap’d it because of grammar!) is a very mental and puzzle-type game. It’s brain exercise. My current job taxes my emotional brain far more than my puzzle brain, hence me shifting to Bridge over Poker.

The good news for me right now is that the wedding stuff can get put on hold for awhile. Trying on dresses (I’ve only been to one store to date) is next on the list, and that’s just fun. We have one little thingie to work out, but that should get resolved by the end of today. I can go back to working on the Ireland travelogue, which is taking much longer than it should because of rambling. The first day is easily four or five pages long. In its defense, it was really a 36-hour day thanks to the time change. The next days should be more along the lines of “we drove from here to here” which takes up far less room than all of the initial confusion from being in a different country.

I’m hoping to make it to Thursday night gaming tonight. We haven’t gone in awhile, and I miss it. I don’t know what I want to play, but there are people there that I haven’t seen in a month.

Any regular readers remember R* from long ago? Well, he’s getting hitched, too…or at least, that’s what I hear through the grapevine. It makes sense. Earlier this year, he and his now fiancee (who happens to have the same name as our mutual ex-gf) bought a house/townhouse/condo/whatever together. That’s more commitment than marriage, really, so it only makes sense that the formalities would come not long thereafter. I’m kind of happy for him, but I know he’s going to do the Vegas wedding, too, and I’m just hoping his event doesn’t stomp all over mine…selfish, but we do have a couple of people in common, and I hate the idea that they’re going to be in this position of deciding which 2006 Vegas trip to make. Maybe. I don’t know. There may be no decision. It may not matter at all. We may not intersect at all. It’s weird too, because I almost was inclined to invite him to ours (he’s a Vegas lover, after all) until I heard that he’d be doing his and thereby would probably be too busy and waiting for his own. That may sound odd…that I’d think of inviting him, but…in a weird way, I’m a little thankful to him for my current relationship. It’s not anything he meant to do, but unintentionally, he paved the way for Scott. Thanks to him, I already knew about poker and gambling and that it could be a good thing. And thanks to him, I had a better idea of what I liked and didn’t like, so the little things that Scott did or didn’t do meant a ton more to me. There’s several people who paved the way…don’t get me wrong…a ton of very tiny and seemingly irrelevant events converged to make it the right time for Scott to sweep me off my feet. πŸ™‚ But, this anger that I used to feel toward R* got really muted about a year or so ago, about the time that I was absolutely certain I had found The One. It helps that he became less of an asswad toward me around then, too, I suppose. I think we both got to a point where amends were in order…maybe for similar reasons.

A new HP book is around the corner. I almost don’t care. Isn’t that odd? I’m looking forward to reading it. Good reading material is always appreciated. But, I really didn’t like the end of the last book and where it left things, so I’m worried about the future of my favorite characters. There’s also a point where you develop these characters in your own way (thanks in part to fanfic) and then you get bugged when the canon doesn’t follow your fanon…especially when it seems the author is so ticked off about your particular fanon that she’s going out of her way to make sure it is stomped into oblivious by the canon. I’m a D/G shipper. I always will be. I have reasons.

So, that’s the update, as promised. Hope you enjoyed it. I have to end it now, as the meeting I’m listening to will be ending soon, and thus, I will not have as good of an excuse to sit here typing away. πŸ™‚