Sending out STDs…want some?

There are a ton of abbreviations that I’m now using commonly as a result of being on all these wedding-oriented sites:
FH=Future Husband
FMIL=Future Mother in Law
DIY=Do It Yourself (there’s a whole community for that, too…”diy_wedding” on LJ)
and the one that is the topic of this post: STD=Save The Date.

I decided to try doing my STDs via AmazingMail, and they came out amazing! The name is appropriate!

If you’ve never heard of it (I hadn’t until recently), AmazingMail is a site that lets you create your own postcard and then mails it to any number of addresses you provide for $1.10 per postcard. The postcards are full color and glossy, front and back. Addresses are never shared, per their contract, and they print your return address however you want it. I found them while googling for custom postcard printing, because I had this design in my head for our STD, and I wanted to do it.

I’ll be posting some photos of the STD proof I sent myself here pretty soon over on the wedding communities, but if you’re likely to be on the mail list, don’t look at it just yet lest you ruin the surprise. Eek! This means I need to start gathering addresses!!!