The Color of Sheets

The first sheets that I ever bought on my own were white cotton with maroon, green, and navy blue swirlies and zig-zags on them. I bought them because I wanted something that coordinated with my existing colors but that was also kind of fun and interesting. I wanted bright happy sheets. Besides, they were on sale at Linens n Things.

This morning, the radio DJs did an “ask us anything” call-in, wherein the first person who asked a question they had never answered won a prize. It reminded me of the LJ poll meme of a similar vein, and I always try to think of some story or whatever to fit their call-in, even though I never call. This morning, the question I thought of was the one answered above. The more I mulled on it, I realized that is a fairly revealing question. Did the person buy a luxurious fabric? Flannel? Whatever their mom used to buy? Were they colorful or plain?

No point to this really. I’m probably thinking about sheets because I’m tired. I did not get much sleep last night, as is typical for the night Scott goes to the Pot for poker. It’s not his fault that I don’t sleep. I just don’t sleep very well when I have knowledge that I will be disturbed, which then guarantees that I will be disturbed. It’s sad, because I’m a pretty sound sleeper once I get to that point, and if I could get to sleep before he got home, I’d be fine. Still, I have the same problem if I know the alarm is going to go off early. I obsess over the time rather than sleeping.

I chatted with my mom last night for awhile for wedding squee stuff. She made an excellent suggestion to me that I take this as an opportunity to invest in a kick-ass, real, custom-made, sturdy corset that I could wear under the wedding dress and then re-use for dressing up in the future. I’ve had a corset before, but it was the relatively cheap plastic-boned kind. I loved it though. I wore it until it was frayed, and I think I still have it hanging upstairs in the lingerie closet. Anyone on my readership list familiar with corsetmakers in the Chicago area? Anyone done an online purchase from a maker and had good/bad experience? Any recommendations for overbust vs. underbust designs?