A Day in Vegas

Today, I played in the WSoP women’s event previously mentioned. I did not win. I did, however, get to play at the “televised” table (although it will probably never be on TV for the part I was in) the whole time, and the reason my table was televised was because there was a celeb playing at our table. No, not me, but thank you. 🙂 I played at a table with Caroline Rhea. She was very cool, and about the only thing that gave her away as a celeb was the huge-ass rock on her finger and the similarly blingy rocks on her watch…oh, and her designer sweats.

I ended up placing in the top 40%, possibly the top third. It was hard to tell because they didn’t regularly update the standings on the main board. I just know we started with 22 tables (~220 players), and when I left, the board was showing 77 remaining, but I know that at least 3 people got knocked out in the time while it was saying 77, so…at any rate, no money for JC, but it was *very* fun. I did not feel overwhelmed by the competition, but it definitely wasn’t as easy of a game as the WPC Showdown that I won last year. I needed to place in the top 36 to get money, too. If I had won, it would have been just under 10,000 plus “prizes worth approximately $1300.”

Something else cool happened today though, and it was a first for me, although I’ve seen it happen to Scott… (click to find out)