Worked Late, Tired, Satisfied

This has been a hectic week at work, for reasons I can’t really discuss in a public forum. Gotta love NDAs…

Because we’re going to Vegas this weekend and I’m taking time off from work for that trip and because of the timing of The Events Which Shall Not Be Named, I pulled a 12+ hour workday today. Well, I did take a 45 minute lunch break in there, during which I caught up on my TWoP reading a little. I just finished eating a peanut butter flatbread for dinner. I feel pretty tired, but I’m also a little stir crazy. Scott worked late also, but he got done earlier than I did and decided to go to the casino since I wouldn’t be home until late either way. I’m a little glad, because my patience would probably be thin. I did get a ton of work done, including taking care of 90% of the tasks relating to TEWSNBN. That means I should be able to wrap things up tomorrow, leave at a normal hour, and not have to worry about work at all while I’m gone. Yay. 🙂

Wedding stuff…the cool officiant that I’ve been e-mailing with suggested to us that we consider her husband (a rabbi) as well, since much of the structure of the ceremony is Jewish. The thing I’m finding with wedding stuff is that you don’t realize what you want until someone tells you that you can’t have it…and then, if you react with “Eh.” it’s not important to you. On the other hand, if you’re like, “Noooo…”, now you know it’s important and can prioritize it. (Wow…I must be tired. I totally just typed “importantly” instead of “it” back there, and it took a whole sentence before I caught what I did. What kind of crazy-ass tired is it that would cause me to type more than needed??) Anyways, the reason I mention this is that her e-mail clued me in to something that I wanted without realizing it. I want a woman to perform the ceremony. Yeah, it’s odd…but for some reason, I want it. I don’t know why. Can’t psychoanalyze right now. Too tired.

Other news: I’m going to be in a WSoP women’s event on Saturday. Think happy thoughts in my direction. I seriously doubt I’ll do well at all, but it’ll be an experience at least, and ESPN is filming it, so you never know…you might catch me on ESPN3 at like 4am one night or something. Ha! Who would have ever guessed that I’d be doing something ESPN would film? Hee. 🙂