Happy Sunday

Scott slept in this morning. When he woke up, we had some naked time, and then I offered to go fetch lunch for us while he got ready. Once I got outside, I realized it was a beautiful day! I opened the sunroof and enjoyed the breezy sunshine while driving to and from Quizno’s with flatbreads for us.

While eating lunch, Scott suggested that we take a walk, which sounded like a terrific idea. We walked for about 45 minutes or so around the neighborhood. I saw geese walking on the frozen pond, and we talked about golf and TV. Then, when we got home, we played Bridge and then later talked about what we want in the wedding ceremony (readings, etc.). I learned a new Bridge convention.

Anyways, I’m feeling really good and happy right now, thanks to a wonderful day at home with my sweetie. 🙂 Yay. 🙂