Wedding Stuff

So, because we have this trip coming up to Vegas, during which the plan is to at least narrow down to 1-2 places for the wedding, I’ve been hit with wedding fever, I think. I wanted to spend today doing laundry, working on the travelogue (I’ve covered 3 days so far, created a tips page, and the framework for the site overall), and taking care of housework. Instead, I have read one book about interfaith ceremonies, surfed possible location sites, and now I’m looking at dresses.

The book I read about interfaith ceremonies gave me some great ideas. I’m planning on sharing them with Scott later. As for the place…well, we hit a roadblock, and that is part of what inspired the fever. The Las Vegas Hilton, which is our “home” hotel and has been for most of our time together, does not do weddings as a matter of course. They said they could host the wedding, but they don’t have any wedding consultants or anything on staff. I was afraid of that, because unlike every other casino, I couldn’t find info about LVH weddings on the web. Supposedly, the Star Trek Experience has a wedding option, but honestly, Trek fandom carries some history for me, not all of it pleasant, and I don’t want that associated with my wedding, no matter how fun it might be for those involved. 🙂

Oh yeah, I went surfing for invitations and “save the date” cards, too. 🙂 I already had a design in my head, and I wanted to see if there were any sites that had already done the design I wanted, because it wasn’t like totally original or anything…and sure enough, I found it. Oh, and I now have a “Wedding Info” folder in my Bookmarks in Firefox with links to the sites we’re considering, invitation printers, planning sites, etc.

Hey, speaking of Firefox, does anyone know of an extension to get the tabs to appear at the bottom instead of the top? I have the problem that I’m so well trained to Windows that I automatically go to the bottom of the screen to change between pages, and I end up (by habit) clicking on some other program I’ve got open, when what I want to do is switch tabs. I think having the tabs on the bottom would help me fix that bad habit, even if it didn’t look as clean.