The Duhks

So, along with everyone else in the known (LJ) world, I grabbed a copy of The Duhks album from iTunes last night, based on a brief interview with them on NPR. Well, not everyone got them on iTunes, but it sure seemed like a great many people went out and bought the album somehow. If you’re not among them, give the Duhks a try. Their music is a bit indescribable, but I’ll try. It’s soft with a Celtic feel. It seemed like many of the members are playing instruments they made themselves, which is awesome, too. The violinist in the group has her first full size violin from like middle school as her primary instrument, and she’s gotten it signed by friends and famous people and such. Anyways, the music is good. I’m listening to it this morning while doing work.

I’m actually doing real work now. I mean, the copy/paste work is part of my job, too…at least until I figure out a way to automate it, but now, I’m doing some things that are actual job functions. It does feel like the best parts of my previous job, except now I just do the best parts all day, and I can basically be as ignorant as I choose to be.