One More Thing

On the recommendation of several sites, I recently purchased a set of Sony MDR-EX71SL earbuds off of eBay. They’re not widely available in the US. I think they used to be, but now they’re only in Japan. Anyways, everywhere seems to recommend them as perfect for iPod mini users and extremely comfortable. They were absolutely correct. The MDR-EX71SL’s were developed for the Sony minidisc, and because of this, they include an extension cord, which, for me, is perfect because I can hook that up to my docking station and alternate between having them plugged in for desk audio or plugging in to the iPod mini. The little case for the buds is silver, so it matches my mini, and it’s small. They also come with several sizes of bud extensions to sit in your ear. This was the critical part for me, and it’s what makes them comfortable. I have really tiny ears for an adult, apparently. I use the smallest bud extension, and they’re like a dream compared to every other earbud set I’ve ever owned (and I’ve tried like ten different kinds trying to find a good match). The sound is better than many cheap buds, although my noise-reducing set (for use on airplanes) does a little better. The in-ear design still drowns out most office noise though, and I found that it played Duel of the Fates with impressive sound distinction…that’s my test song generally. The only thing that would make them more perfect would be a volume control, but for usage with the mini, it’s not really needed. They cost me a little less than $15, not including shipping ($6). If you’re an earbud fan, but earbuds are often uncomfortable for long periods of time, go for these. They rule.