(Will LJ-cut on LJ once it’s there… 🙂 )

Grooming Products
Shampoo: Pantene Clarifying and/or whatever cool smelly ones I find, currently I bought a six-bottle set from Walgreen’s of martini/tropical scents like pina colada and cosmopolitan
Conditioner: Pantene spray-in or if I’m using the set from Walgreen’s, they’re conditioner/shampoo/bodywash in one
Skincare Products: Aveeno toner, Burt’s bees Parsley blemish stick, Neuterogena facial bar, Dove bodywash/soap, Neuterogena Daily Defense moisturizer + SPF30
Perfume: Goodlife, Cool Water, or Popy (by Popy Moreni)
Toothpaste: Crest Vanilla Mint (it RULES!)

ElectronicsCell phone: Motorola T715C
Computer: which one?
Music: whatever
Personal DVD player: my laptop

Sheets: cream or white with some huge threadcount that Scott always remembers because they were a source of conflict with his ex and cost a ton of money
Coffeemaker: it’s white? it makes hot water for tea very well!
Car: 2003 Nissan Sentra 2.5LSE
Stationery: MS Word 🙂

Bottled water: whatever
Coffee: Starbucks Light Note, cream and SnL
Vodka: Skyy
Beer: If I must, I can handle zima or some hard ciders…in Ireland, we drank Bulmer’s

Jacket: Which one? 🙂 There’s the light blue down coat, my heavy 3-in-1 Columbia coat in red, my black wool peacoat, a black vinyl-ish short peacoat, a light blue rain slicker…
Jeans: Favorites are Avenue Denim Lite bootcut or Levi 515
T-Shirt: whatever
Briefcase or tote: messenger bag
Sneakers: Adidas or Natural Balance
Watch: none because they seem to irritate my wrist, although I bought a cheapie timex to wear in ireland, lest I go insane

Favorite Places
I’m not sure what I should put here…but basically, I like homes (all of them, including but not limited to our house, charleston, las vegas, and detroit). And I like not-homes. I require an equal balance of both.

Necessary Extravagances
highspeed internet, mani/pedis, good shoes, 2 of any clothing item that I buy one of and decide I love, diet coke w/ lime even when it’s not on sale

See necessary extravagances.