So, I just did a search for anything about gaming, bridge, cards, sheepshead, etc. in Libertyville…across the internal mailing lists and sites. No luck so far. The bad part is that I found my regular Sheepshead group at the old office simply by word of mouth, and I’m afraid the same will be true here. I’m on my own for lunch today (the other two people in my dept. are off-site today for a meeting…they got to take the corp jet…I’m jealous), so I figure I can go around 12:15, scan the cafeteria for anyone who looks like they’re playing cards. It’s possible I’ll stumble on a group that way. Otherwise, if I haven’t found any groups in a couple of months, I’ll create a mail list on my own and see if anyone joins up. 🙂

I’ve also noticed that when walking around the office here, I have yet to peek in someone’s cube and see them on a non-company website. When I walked around my old office, that was pretty normal. I’d catch a glimpse of Yahoo or Google in progress…or just a news site or something. Nothing illicit…but it was clear that most people spent some time each day doing websurfing. That doesn’t seem to be the case here. It’s an interesting cultural difference, and I’m going to have to cut down on my workday websurfing to “lunchtime when I’m not busy”-only until I get a feel for the acceptance level.

When I was in grade school, every time I got a new teacher, I’d suck up and be awesome student for about six weeks, and that would garner me good feelings and lenience for my usual medocrity for the rest of the year. My first year of college, I mistakenly thought that would no longer be necessary, and my C average for that first year shows how wrong I was. By second year, I started figuring out that the same tricks still worked. I applied it to my first job, too…every time I got a new manager, I entered suck-up phase. It’s not like I slack off entirely after the suck-up phase, but I don’t put out as much effort probably, so as to avoid killing myself. Anyways, suck-up phase is a valuable life tool that I wanted to put out there for the masses. It won’t sustain you forever, but if you can get an excellent impression going initially, it’ll take longer to erode that than if you have an initial impression that is less shiny.

I say this, of course, while writing a post on a non-company website, when I have much better things to do. 🙂 The crucial difference is that no one is in the office today to look over my shoulder. Bwah ha ha…