Skynet is MS Office

I think MS Office has become sentient. Much of my task today and for the past few days is/has been to copy things from Word, then paste and re-format them in Excel, breaking items into individual requirements as needed. That Office is smart enough to paste without tracked changes showing up (i.e., without stricken stuff being in the pasted material) doesn’t alarm me. What alarms me is that I decided this one added heading was short enough that it’d be faster to type it myself than copy/paste. I started typing.

Excel filled it in for me on the second letter. This heading is completely new. It appears nowhere else in the spreadsheet (I checked!). The only way Excel knew how to fill it in is that I had it highlighted over in Word. And somehow, Excel has figured out what I’m doing and is trying to help me.

:::hides in corner and waits for apocalypse:::

(PS – In other news, I accidentally deleted Survivor from tivo last night after watching it while Scott was in Milwaukee playing poker and winning money to buy me presents. I’m hoping Scott still loves me. I committed a minor offense by watching it without him, but then to delete it when no other tivo in the house has it…that’s a household felony. 🙂 )