My new job is really easy so far, but it’s also fairly monotonous. Much of that is because I’ve initially been assigned to just basically do this import of stuff, which amounts to searching about 20 word docs for changes and then “importing” (read: manually copy/pasting and re-formatting) those changes into a massive excel spreadsheet. The good news is that I can read while I do this, so I’m learning as I go. The bad news is that I forgot to grab my iPod this morning (I planned to grab it because I knew monotony was coming) so not only am I getting a little zoney, I also keep getting distracted because my new environment is much noisier than my old one. Everyone here is on a call all the time. In my old place, about 50-60% of the people were on a call.

Other news? I have a new work phone number, and my pager is now defunct. I will be getting a work cellphone (most likely my private cellphone number converted into a business paid account, TBD) eventually. If you are entitled to my work info and I haven’t e-mailed you the new info yet, drop me a line and I’ll hook you up. My new cube is actually a little smaller than my old one, mainly because I have a partial column in my cube. I don’t mind as much as one would think. The column gives me a bit more privacy actually, because of how it’s situated, and I never really used my space anyways. I’m actually having one of my cabinets removed because cube reconfiguration is the cool thing to do around here, and I don’t need it. The building in general is *so* much better here than in AH. The caf is *huge* and it includes a mini-mart kind of thing with *tons* of low-carb snack options. It also has a much better selection generally than my old caf. I briefly stopped by the gym, which is also much nicer than previous…in part because it’s on the 1st floor and has lots of windows. The AH gym was in the basement, creating a kind of dank and dreary atmosphere. Who knows if this will inspire me to go…but it’s good to know at least.

It’s also very colorful. I’m near a window although no direct view. There are large poster-sized company ads everywhere and flatscreen TVs showing either a reel of TV ads (international and local) or CNN feeds. There’s also lots of lounge-style breakout areas, which are great. So far, I’m quite happy. 🙂