When Irish Eyes Are Groggy

We got back into Chicago yesterday evening around 5pm; we left Dublin just past 1:30pm local time.

After landing, we realized we’d be driving home in rush hour from ORD (read: 2 hour drive time), so we decided to indulge in Thursday night gaming. It also was a bonzer way to stay awake rather than letting jet lag take hold. Actually, jet lag has been a minimal problem for me. Scott seems to be more affected. Apparently, I was meant for world travel. It’s the one instance where my complete lack of ability with linear time measurement has come in handy. πŸ™‚

We also enjoyed our last moments of carby living yesterday; we blew off our LC dieting for the trip because we didn’t want to starve, spend tons trying to eat non-potato items, or miss out on local cuisine. We ate Butler’s Irish chocolates on the plane (delicious! I’m not normally a fan of creamy filled chocolates, but those were divine…I liked the wild berry filling the best), enjoyed thoroughly our afternoon tea service (with what I believe was a Cinnamon Raisin crumpet…TBD…it certainly wasn’t a scone, and the description seems to fit what I’ve heard about crumpets) and onboard meal (chicken and pasta salad for me; lasagna for Scott). We also had Arby’s for dinner, carbs included. Today starts us back on “phase 1” style menus for a couple of weeks. From last night’s estimation, we each gained around five pounds during the trip…not too bad, really, considering that we didn’t do much walking at all and we ate pretty much whatever we wanted, including a variety of sumptious dessert offerings.

Maggie is very happy to see us. We let her sleep with us last night and cuddle while we watched TAR (I’m so upset that Freddy/Kendra won…but Adam/Rebecca would have been worse, I suppose…I really liked Kris/Jon). She is also currently in my lap and basically maintaining a maximum three foot distance from me except for litter trips.

We took notes for the travelogue, which I will be working on this weekend. I’m not known for my commitment to such things once they’re started, so I won’t post any of it until it’s all done. I hope that will help motivate me. πŸ™‚