Last Call

So, today was my last real day at work. I declined to give a speech at my going-away lunch (which had around 30 attendees), mainly because I was getting teary anytime I tried to talk about leaving. Mike F. (who was my mentor when I was re-orged into my current group) gave a toast with well wishes for my new position and my marriage and that was about the point where I started getting weepy, so since I was determined not to cry publicly, all I said was “Thank you. The hardest part of this, really, is leaving all of you…all the people I’ve worked with here. I’ll miss you guys.”

I still haven’t let the emotion out. I brought a crate for the things too delicate to let the movers handle: my plant, my maneki-neko teapot, the model Motorola indy car my dad made for me that sits on my desk, the cross-stitch kitty my mom gave me when I moved to Chicago…a few other misc. things, too. Walking out with that crate of stuff was so hard. I went quietly. I didn’t want to run into anyone, I didn’t want to say anything.

Now, I’m home. I need to pack for Ireland, and I have a haircut appointment at 8pm.