To carry or not to carry…

So, we’re prepping for the Ireland trip. We have an itinerary now, which we worked out over breakfast. This sort of planning forces you to weigh difficult decisions, like “Are the Connemara ponies more important to me than the Aran Islands?” 🙂

For those who are curious, we are flying into Dublin on the 5th (leaving Chicago on the 4th), spending the day in Dublin, staying overnight not far outside Dublin. Then, on Sunday, we’re driving to Kilkenny (you bastards!) and the rock of Cashel, and we’re hoping to make it as far as Tipperary that day…we’ll stop at some B&B for the night wherever we end up. Scott is hoping to find the Super Bowl on at some pub. 🙂 On Monday, we’re driving a route by the Cliffs of Moher up to Galway and then stopping there for Monday and probably Tuesday nights. Tuesday, we will spend doing the Aran Islands and hopefully Connemara (the park that houses the ponies), either driving up and staying up there on Tuesday or taking a tour from Galway and returning to Galway that night. Then, Wednesday, we will head back toward Dublin through the mid-country. Our flight leaves Dublin around lunchtime on Thursday. We’re doing pieces of several driving tours of Ireland that we found in a book.

That’s the plan. Now, here’s the question for you all to advise me on. Should I bring my PDA with me? I am bringing my computer (I have a list of wifi access points throughout our route). PDA and charger takes up about as much space as a paperback novel (a little less really…maybe a kids’ novel?), but it is extra weight and one more thing that might break or get lost. It is a handy way to pass time while on a plane or in line, but on the flight, I’ll have my computer to amuse me (I have an inflight charger for it), and when not in flight, I have Scott to amuse me. Can anyone think of a good reason for me to bring it along?