I have some kind of terrible cold. I’ve been sniffly and feverish for a couple of days, plus that general “my head is huge” kind of feeling. It’s not pleasant, and my project is such that even without the transition stuff going on, I still couldn’t really stay home today. Today is our major deadline, and it seems everything is progressing, but I still need to be here in case a fire breaks out.

The transition plans at work are gradually coming together. I’m really going to miss my co-workers here. Four different people wanted to organize my going-away party (the first to mention it got the duty…I just sent everyone else over to him), and the current dilemma is finding a restaurant that can hold a large enough group. I’ve seen every reaction between “Wow! That’s awesome!” and “OMG, what will we do without you?”…one of the people I originally started with, who was involved in hiring me as an intern, said she hoped it wouldn’t offend me or come off wrong if she said she was proud of me, and it was a wonderful feeling. This particular person has been a role model for me since I got here, so to hear that…well, granted, I’m on cold meds, but I’ve been on the border of cryingville all week, and that pushed me a bit closer to the edge.

I’m really looking forward to my new position, and I get tingly excited thinking about it. Still, leaving this group…in some ways, it feels like leaving home: necessary, liberating, but also nostalgic, bittersweet.