More Job News

It’s official now. I will be switching jobs. I will do this job until I leave for Ireland on the 4th of Feb; when I return to work on the 14th it will be at my new job. I’m preparing for the flurry of transition. But first, I have to do work! I feel like I’ve spent most of today dealing with or talking about this…and now, while waiting on a tool to launch, it occurred to me that it’s 5:40pm and I still have things that must be done before I leave. Yikes! 🙂

The offer is for the same pay/level I’m at now. However, that is because of an HR policy limitation and I am assured by both HR and my new manager that I will get a maximum raise during the merit raise period next month and that I will be up for promotion within six months, barring me absolutely sucking ass at the new job. So…considering that I will be saving money, time, gas, etc. by being closer to home, I can live with this…even though I will be spending more on clothes. Need suits in 2 weeks or less! Ack! 🙂