It’s About Time

The problem with announcing your engagement on your blog is that it’s awfully hard to top that post. When going about the mundane things of your life, like clearing your driveway of more than a foot of snow at midnight or sitting in a suite in Milwaukee watching the Pistons/Bucks and singing “Oh Tayshaun you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind, hey Tayshaun!”, you think to yourself that these things are worth posting about. Then, you look at your front page, and you get all gooey inside again, and that’s the end of that.

With that understanding, I present a list of the things that I would have posted about, had I not been gooified by the previous post:
* Job stuff: New job had promised a decision by the 21st. I heard nothing from them on the 21st, thus I am assuming that I did not get the position. This is the second PCS position that I haven’t gotten after having interviews that sounded really promising at the time. I don’t know what this means, but my ego is a little bruised. Still, there’s a part of me that is happy to have the decision taken out of my hands.
* Engagement stuff: One detail that escaped the engagement page is that the wedding will be in Vegas. Expect at least one wedding-related party (extremely informal) in the Chicago area, though…possibly also an engagement party, just because we like to have parties. I have purchased one wedding-related book: The Anti-Bride’s Guide to Wedding Etiquette. It seemed fitting, and it gives a great deal of information on what traditions can be skipped and which ones exist for a reason, as well as suggestions for alternatives to traditions. I was also overwhelmed and scared by the huge wedding planner binders at Borders. There was one that was bigger than my head and could have killed me had it fallen from the shelf. If any of you are wondering why I want to take my sweet time about this and enjoy a long engagement, consider the fact that unlike (apparently) most females age 18-30, I have not spent my entire life planning this event. There are many aspects that I just don’t care about, but then, surprisingly, there are some parts that I care about very much, despite having not cared about weddings much at all until now. So, parsing all of that into a meaningful and executable program will be my Herculean burden for the next sixmonths or so. Fortunately, the Vegas wedding fixes many things…much of my motivation for Vegas is that I can basically select a pre-packaged insta-wedding and eliminate a great deal of the planning of stuff I don’t give a rat’s arse about.
* Weather: Yeah, Chicago got a buttload of snow. We were actually driving home from Milwaukee on Friday night in the midst of this terrible winter storm. Scott had to pull over (which was trying in and of itself since you could barely tell what was road and what was not) to de-ice the windshield wipers. Then, when we got home around midnight, we had to shovel the driveway. By the time we were done, an inch of snow had already covered the part we started on, but at least we put a dent into it. Nonetheless, the next morning, as I was pulling out of the driveway, I still got stuck in a snowbank that was formed at the end of the driveway by the plow. I knew better than to try to go through it, but I was lazy, so my car got stuck, I couldn’t open my door, and I had to call a still-naked Scott inside the house and get him to get dressed and shovel enough that I could open my door and escape. Then, together, we freed my car, at which point I drove (in the snow, still falling) to a day spa/salon in Deer Park (near where I work) to meet up with friends for our semi-annual spa day. Changing into a fluffy robe and getting rubbed with warming oils fixes all things.
* So why were we crazy enough to go to Milwaukee right before a winter storm? We managed to get 2 tickets to a suite for $55 each to see the Pistons/Bucks game at the Bradley Center from someone on eBay who had gotten the suite as a corporate perk but did not really care about Basketball. So, we shared the suite with 6-7 other ebayers, 2 of whom were also rooting for the Pistons. They were great seats. I got some really good pictures. And, the suite includes a mini-fridge of sodas and beer, so we had free drinks all night, too, plus a private bathroom and coat closet…it was terrific. I highly recommend the suite experience if you ever have the chance.
* Scott is out of town this weekend…until Tuesday actually. His company sent him to UofM to do recruitment and interviews. He’s staying with his parents while there. I almost went along, but I have so many meetings on Monday and Tuesday, and his parents don’t have highspeed internet, so I can’t do work from there very easily. So, after my spa day on Saturday, I shopped around. I had to tell myself four times that I do *not* need a camel-hair coat, no matter how good it looks on me, no matter that it’s on sale for a quarter of the original price. It was difficult, but the fact is that I have plenty of coats, and I don’t need another one just yet. I did, however, pick up another cable-knit sweater in a different color, because I’ve already worn the first one I bought six or seven times in less than two weeks…that’s how comfy and wonderful it is. The weather while I was shopping kept shifting between beautiful/sunny and snowy/windy, so at the next break I saw, I made a run for it and started the drive back up to Gurnee.
* Netflix: So, I’ve seen six movies via netflix now, and I’m really enjoying having the service again. Being in a house with a mailbox out front makes all the difference. I had M. Night Shymalan night last night, and yeah, for the record, both The Village and Signs pretty much suck. Speaking of Netflix though, I know I saw posts on my friends list awhile back about using the Friends feature on Netflix…anyone still doing that? Want to friend me or let me friend you? Please?