HWHNYBN has some kind of surprise in store for me tonight. I don’t know what exactly will happen. It’s a little scary. Read the link to know as much as I do. I was startled enough when he told me to pack a bag last night.

In other news, I went grocery shopping at Jewel-Osco today. They’re having a Pepsi 12-pack sale for $2.00 each. I also had some coupons to use: buy-1-get-1-free wrigley brand gum, $1.00 off two 2-litres of Diet DP (which Jewel has on sale for $1 each), and $1.00 off Perdue ready chicken (which rocks for an at home Quizno-style wrap, especially when combined with a toasted CarbDown FlatOut flatbread!). I also had coupons for ice cream, which I thought about using. After all, it’s like ten degrees outside with sunshine, not counting wind chill or anything. The ice cream could probably sit in my trunk as happily as in the freezer until I get home. But, given the aforementioned surprise, I decided to skip that item just in case I’m not going to have time to put things in the house.

While ten degree weather is excellent both for testing one’s nipular responses and for keeping food cold in one’s trunk, it has the hazardous downside of ice, especially when the temp rises and drops as it did this week after a snowstorm. Snow melted and re-froze, forming slick ice in many areas. I noticed this in particular while trotting up a slope to the Hong Kong Lite for lunch. The shopping center where the Hong Kong Lite is on Dundee has a garden-like area forming a slope rising to the sidewalk from the parking spaces. Normally, the square concrete stepping stones provide an easy way to hop up. However, today, the stones were covered in a sheer coating of slick ice. I scrambled up them relatively easily, thinking of how I’d look doing the scramble as an animated character. Moving fast gave me just enough traction to get up.

Sadly, what goes up must eventually come down. Once in Hong Kong Lite, I remembered that they serve soda in can and do not provide cups. You all might remember my affliction where soda in a can is concerned. So, I trotted back out to the car (sans winter gear, brrrr!) to fetch my glass from the morning. As best as I could tell, the only way down was via the stepping stones. I stepped cautiously with my right foot onto the nearest stone to my car. It was slippery, but it seemed stable. My left foot followed my right. Balancing precariously on the ice, I allowed the adventurous right foot to explore the curb. No, too slippery…oh, wait…stability failing…left foot can’t stay balanced and shift right foot back! Aaaaaahhhh! {s thud}

I clunked down onto the hard, icy ground, bruising my upper left thigh in the process. Still, I was (triumphantly) down to my car. And, once again, scrambling up proved to be far less of an issue.

While eating, I watched other people to see if anyone else ran into my dilemma, but no one seemed to be going down as I did. It turns out that way, way down at the end of the center was a handicapped ramp which was salted and clear of ice. Despite the additional walk in the cold, I decided that was the safer option.

I also bought black tights while I was out. They’re really comfy, but I think they smell funny. It’s hard to tell. I keep catching an almost musty scent. Do tights just smell bad until they’re washed the first time? I bought them because I’m wearing a skirt today (per HWHNYBN’s request), and my trouser socks were not sufficiently warm.