The text bug

Want to hear something funny?

Well, it may only be funny to some of you. 🙂 Still…

I managed to set up my website so that it works and is viewed correctly by Firefox, but IE doesn’t parse it. That is, internet explorer cannot view the site correctly, but Firefox can. I never noticed because I do all of my web geeking these days at home, on Firefox. But, my mom pointed the issue out to me today, and sure enough, I can view the site cleanly and perfectly on Firefox, but IE has an issue with it.

I suspect IE isn’t handling the paragraph tag correctly. I’m going to try tweaking some basic things and see what happens.

Does anyone know a way, btw, to get WordPress to stop making its own HTML? I don’t want it to put p-tags around my paragraphs; I want it to use br’s. And I’d happily just type the HTML into the entry form. Is there an individual entry template somewhere that I need to edit?