So, I have a face-to-face interview with people from the previously mentioned job opportunity this afternoon at 1:30pm.
I am hoping it either goes very well or very badly. Basically, I’m hoping this interview helps me make my decision as to whether this is a worthwhile change. I appreciate all of the comments I got on my entry saying to follow my dreams and such…I really do…but to me, the question is whether or not this is in line with my theoretical dreams. I do not want to end up in a situation where I become a tools monkey, nor do I want to end up with a very limited portfolio such that I can’t easily do anything else.
I plan to ask about re-imbursement for MBA. I can’t get that in my current job, because the company doesn’t consider it something that enhances my current career. I also plan to ask about the day-to-day functions, what happens when the main project is done, how my performance will be judged, etc. And, I plan to gently push for a promotion, with the completely true explanation that I’m likely going to get one in the upcoming year from my current job, so I’d be starting from scrat
ch on that here, and that’s a disadvantage to me.
It’s hard to disregard the fact that this would be so much closer to here. I love the house we’re in right now. The only thing I would change given opportunity is that I would put the washer/dryer upstairs near the bedrooms. This is a modern design innovation that I see in the newer places our friends are considering or have bought. Plus, living anywhere closer to my current work is going to be much more expensive than living here. And, to stay with my current company and work closer to here, I have to change to this sector, meaning I’d have to really give up the things I do now, the expertise I’ve gained technically.
::sigh:: Tis a puzzlement.
In other news, I’m scrambling for a good interview outfit, as everything “nice” is now too big. This is the downside of not having been this size since high school. So, I’m going to wear grey pants, a black flowery blouse, and my black blazer (which is too big, but hopefully not noticeably so). My black pants are too big (my fault, I bought the wrong size weeks ago at Lane Bryant and haven’t exchanged them). I considered some other options, especially ones involving things I could tuck into the too-big pants, hopefully making them less prone to falling down…but I decided I didn’t want to be self-conscious about that, so the grey pants won out, despite not really mat
ching the black blazer.
Black wool overcoat for warmth, hat, gloves, etc.
Another downside to this potential job…I’d probably have to dress more formally than I do right now…means wardrobe investment.

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