Weekend Report

The stars aligned such that I was able to leave work a little early (after having worked late the past two days), so HWHNYBN and I caught a matinee of Harry Potter. I don’t have a ton of comments on the movie, save to say that I was a little disappointed by it. I also think that if you haven’t read the books, the first two movies still explained things for you, and this one didn’t. I suspect that was an editing decision, and we will see extra scenes on the DVD that got cut…but this was particularly bothersome in that there were special effects scenes that went on way too long which could have been cut down to finish the necessary exposition. There were also changes from the book which I don’t approve of, but I’m willing to give them some leeway. And, I read a bunch of critics saying Daniel Radcliffe deserves award recognition for his performance, but frankly, he came off flatter than a pancake to me. Emma Watson, OTOH, deserves recognition…also because she’s a little hottie now. πŸ™‚
Ooh, and I wore my nifty Slytherin t-shirt, purchased at the Universal CityWalk Hot Topic while we
were on vacation. πŸ™‚
Afterward, we had dinner, moved the grill to the back porch for summer use, and played in some online poker tournaments. I also played a little no-limit on UB…came out even.
And!!! We watched “Once More With Feeling” on DVD. πŸ™‚ HWHNYBN has caught up to the musical! Yay! πŸ™‚ I now have “I’ve Got a Theory” stuck in my head.
I had some necessary shopping, so I took care of that first thing in the morning, while HWHNYBN played some more poker (he’s trying to play out a bonus). By the time I was done, it was 2pm. We had tentatively planned on going to Board Game Saturday at the Plus, and we decided to go through with that, with a Lou’s low-carb pizza pick-up on the way. πŸ™‚ Unfortunately, the group was an hour into 1830 when we got there, so we ended up mainly playing games with each other…but at least I finally got to buy Fish Eat Fish, and HWHNYBN bought San Juan…and we both bought Chez Goth, because it amuses us. We played a game of Fish Eat Fish and Nippon Rails while finishing up our pizza.
After 1830 finished up, we played El Grande with the group. I got screwed pretty badly early on, so I was pretty much out of the running. And, the screwing was done by HWHNYBN, so that led to harsh feelings…IMO, he goes out of his way to screw me in gam
es as opposed to other players, because he knows me, he knows how I play, and so he *can* screw me easier. (Puns intentional, for random smiles) Worse yet, I was already behind when he went after me, so it seemed silly to me to go after the person with the least score than the most…that sort of thing bugs me whenever anyone does it. And then, he went after me *again*, and that just cemented it turning into a bad game for me…which bit, because I had been enjoying our games before that.
El Grande finished pretty much as expected, and since none of us wanted to leave just yet, we played a “just for pride” poker tournament, which I won.
So I guess this was a poker-y weekend, because…
HWHNYBN was going to Orienteering in the morning, but I had no interest in this particular course, so I figured on sleeping in. We made plans on Saturday to carpool with cute!Rob from gaming up to Milwaukee for poker…and then Joe (from Mensa, not Joe from work) ended up tagging along after finishing the Orienteering course. It was a fun group to do it with. HWHNYBN did *very* well…Rob did *very* well…I did okay…Joe came out pretty badly. But, we all enjoyed it, I think.
Rob hung around for a bit afterward…we played a Star Wars Duels game, in which Darth Vader (HWHNYBN) killed Chewy, and then Han Solo (Rob) went on a vengeance hunt against Darth Vader…only to be put to death by Darth Maul (me) just after killing Darth Vader.
Bed, sleep, rinse, repeat…

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