I just finished looking over Wil Wheaton’s vegas pictures. I feel all Vegas dorky, as I know exactly where he is in pretty much every picture. Totally agree with him about Rita Rudner, except I think she’s probably funny if you don’t see her sprawled across every damn thing in sight and hear her voice all the damn time.
There’s a new Cirque du Soleil show in Vegas called Zumanity, showing at the New York New York (Same place as Rita Rudner). It’s supposed to be very sexy. HWHNYBN says maybe we can try for comped tickets the next time we’re there. Yay! 🙂 Don’t know when that will be though…we had thought about Vegasing over 4th of July, but we haven’t gotten any good offers for that time frame. Probably doing Detroit (Canada!) instead. Maybe Vegas in September…labor day weekend is a good Vegasy time I would think. Hmm…
Actually, there’s alot of places on my to-go list right now that are not Vegas…I’d like to take HWHNYBN to New York…we could visit my Aunt Carole (who I haven’t seen in far too long) and al
so do touristy things. I also want to visit New Orleans and Charleston…hometown crawls.
Oh well…for later, I suppose. And by the way, I’m still froggy sounding. Also coughing occasionally…I get a tickle in my throat and I just can’t shake it! I’m driving HWHNYBN crazy at night because I seem to always get a coughing fit right before we drop off to sleep. So then I have to detangle myself, stand up, down some water, breathe, calm down, and then curl back up in bed…very disturbing process.
Two reasons to be bouncy:
The Amazing Race! Tonight!
Games night!

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